Artificial Intelligence: 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence has Improved Automation

Everyone everywhere is fascinated with civilization, and this is because it is often a product of intelligence. Interestingly, amplifying our human information with AI can enable refinement to flourish in a way it never has been-provided we are keen on making technology beneficial. It could also rightly be said that humanity is just at the start of the AI revolution, and we are starting to get a good sense of how artificial intelligence will enhance nearly all aspects of our daily living positively. However, the majority of folks today are not entirely on the bandwagon, why? 

Some aren’t sure if the benefits will reach the grassroots. Some who should have been incorporating AI into their business are skeptic about the advantages. And they could be contemplating this because several myths surround AI – most of which have been debunked by experts in the field. Honestly, though, investing in new technology will indeed require a big commitment, it will require validating that is it indeed the best thing to do.

To convinced you of the benefits tied to AI, this article is written for you. What do I mean? I want you to see yourself in the system, I want you to relate and understand how it benefits you, even though I will be highlighting how it helps the globe as a whole, but I won’t fail to narrow down how it will be of benefit to you. There is no denying that when you are done reading, you will be an advocate of AI, more to it, you will be willing to include it in your daily living. 

Enhance Automation 

Even though it is not new to apply software in enhancing human effort and reducing how much time humans spend multitasking and working, artificial intelligence has added an incredible boost and has given new possibilities. The already existing old-school Automation is limited. It provides only a few ways in which Automation can help humans. But with the combination and merging of Automation and artificial intelligence, human efforts have been reduced significantly, and most of the tasks do not require human intervention. And that is why this aspect is popularly regarded as an automation continuum. There is a broad range of functions that artificial intelligence can be applied to. Below are elements that concern you personally. 

Fraud Prevention. This is what we all battle with. Scammers are everywhere, they are seeking and desiring to outsmart innocent individuals, but AI has changed how far-reaching their effect could be. It is now possible to link a theft directly to the identity of the person. When a person uses a fake currency to make a purchase, or he committed credit card fraud, with an attached camera, it has become easier to lay hold on them. The intelligent system has been fixed in cyberspace – though still undergoing more advancement; its primary aim is to prevent cyber-attack, it takes note of abnormal requests from users and alerts the administrators of an intruder. Thus making your online purchase – where you have to input your credit card details safe. 

Brand Management. If you have a business model you are running presently, this is perfect for you. You’d agree with me that marketers are continually having a problem understanding consumers’ opinions regarding their brand, and this knowledge is essential if they will be able to make landmark progress. But with Automation, they can now automate the analysis of every activity across the internet regularly, and that helps them to highlight critical issues. There is analytics like Watson Analytics for Social Media that best describe how effective such Automation is. Users can set focus keywords, go ahead to define the context, and have a good understanding of the opinion of online users in a few minutes. 

Human Resource Management. Human resources managers are faced with an overwhelming task; they sort CVs, manage old data, and identify potential candidates. But Automation has helped many these on a larger scale. Most recruiting managers and HR only receive most resumes via automated applicant’s materials to their database when users apply for a role. So, it is essentials for applicants to meet the criteria of a particular firm. Hence, their application might not get to the firm unless it meets the requirements set by the company. 

Customer Support. Most brands from the banking sector to the social media giants and other business models have added AI into their customer support. Gone are the days when most customer supports appear machine-like-chat and speak like a machine. But most of the developed world that has included human-like Chabot into their system has relieved us from waiting endlessly for a customer care representative to attend to our needs. Apart from limiting our waiting time, it has reduced the burden and pressure on the customer help desk. 

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