5 Excellent Tips for Men Personal Hygiene: PART II

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Hoping that you’ve started applying principles found in part I of “men personal hygiene,” you’d have started seeing changes, and hoping to have a more significant change as you keep up with the routine. If you miss part one, you can click here. Now let’s get on with  the other things you can do to maintain good personal hygiene.

Men Personal Hygiene: How to Maintain Good Personal Hygiene PART II

1. Keep a Clean Beard or Clean Shave

Neatly trimmed beard and a complete-shaved beard can enhance your look. Have you ever looked at yourself after doing any of these? A fine boy, you will say, right? Great! Below are ways to keep up and stay fresh.

Tips on how to keep a Clean Shave:

  • Buy Shaving Sticks in Pack or a Clipper: If your skin doesn’t react to the use of shaving sticks. By in pack, it’s cheaper that way. If your skin reacts, get a clipper.

– For a clean shave, you don’t need an expert.

– For a styled trimming, you might need the service of a Barber. Don’t hesitate to do it.

  • Fix a Date: Fix a day you will always trim or shave and stick to it. If you do, your facial hair will not grow beyond your desired look.
  • Prepare Your Beard For Shaving: Splash some water on your face. It keeps your beard warm and wet. Use a towel to pat after.
  • Shave: Place a mirror in front of you. Start gradual, and don’t be hard on your skin. Use a small towel to clean so you can see areas you haven’t shaved. Wash off with soap when you are done. Apply olive oil or any other ointment for relaxation.

Summary: If you are visiting a Barber, go with your clipper. If you must use the one provided at a barbers’ shop, make sure it is being sanitized. Before you leave for a salon, wash your face, when you are back, do the same with soap and water, then apply oil.

2. Shave Your Private Parts

Underarm hairs and hairs do not need to be shaved clean, aside from the discomfort that might result from that, it has health implications. Thus, follow these process:

Tips on how to Shave Your Private Parts:

  • Soak First: Before you trim your underarm hair and pubic hair, wet first.
  • Use Shaving Stick For Pubic Hair
  • Wash With Soap And Water: Thoroughly wash with soap and water when you are done.
  • Use Powders: Sprinkle a little bit of powder to keep your arm fresh and enhance the excellent scent.

Summary: Avoid a clean shave. Be careful to avoid cuts.

3. Learn to Walk with Handkerchief

Handkerchiefs have their intended use. However, besides those intended use, male folks can use it to clean face and hands. It can also serve as protection from dust. How does using Handkerchief enhance your personal hygiene as a guy?

Tips on how to use Handkerchief:

  • Buy More Than One Handkerchief: A minimum of 3 is excellent. Then wash them every day. To make it easier, take them alongside you as you take your bath.
  • Use For Picking Nose and Cleaning Face Often: Your Handkerchief can save you from picking nose. When you have the drive to pick your nose, use your handkerchief
  • Clean Your face Often: Using Handkerchief will help clean off excess dirt and oil. It is a substitute if you can’t wash your face during the day.

Summary: Don’t purchase hard handkerchiefs. Invest in soft tissues that wouldn’t be hard on your skin.

men personal hygiene tomvad

4. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

A clean kitchen enhances your lifestyle in so many positive ways. It speeds up how you cook, thus saving time and energy. This part is mainly for guys who cook. And the advice will just be limited since it’s targeting guys. If you rarely cook, you can still take home some points. A few things to note are this:

Tips on how to keep Your Kitchen Clean:

  • Stay Minimal: Sell stuff you rarely use. And Keep things you can’t do without
  • Clean While You Wait: While you are waiting for a pot to come to a boil, use that time wisely, clean the dishes in the zinc and return things you wouldn’t need, clean spills and used utensils.
  • Wash Your Plates Immediately: After each meal, wash your plates. To make it easier, prepare soap in a bowl, so when you are done eating, you wash straightaway.

Summary: This tip is excellent for students and single men who use the kitchen often. If you are a married man, you might wish to relieve your wife’s duty by washing your plates after each meal. Though, it might be done occasionally; it strengthens bond and love.

5. Your Toilet and Bathroom Deserves Attention

A dirty toilet doesn’t complete your quest to be clean and your willingness to embrace good personal hygiene. Do you tiptoe or walk comfortably in your bathroom? Whatever the case is, these are what shouldn’t escape the process of keeping it clean

Tips on how to Give Attention to Your Toilet:

  • Use Bathroom Slippers: Indeed, a bathroom slippers prevents slippery and prevent your foot from getting wet. But additionally, it prevents you from staining the toilet.
  • Use Cloth: Should you detest slippers in the bathroom, put a cloth on the floor to wipe off your feet.
  • Wash your Toilet Weekly: You can do a light wash every weekend. Scrub the floor with a brush. Wash the closet and the bathtub with a bleach
  • Do Thorough Washing Every Month: Once in a month, wash your bathroom and toilet. You will gladly see that your weekly cleaning will pay off here.
  • Wash Hand After Use: After using the toilet, don’t forget to use soap and water to wash your hand thoroughly.

Note: If it is a shared toilet, don’t hesitate to meet the other person, speak with him, and schedule how you wish to carry out cleaning exercise. Then both of you should agree on what you can do to enhance the cleanliness of your toilet and bathroom using the above options mentioned.


Granted, though, if you do all these, you will surely stay fresh always and neat, and you might not need to invest in expensive perfumes to cover up oozing body or clothes. Nevertheless, if you still wish to invest in a quality perfume after applying all these tips, it will be cool to put others in your surroundings into consideration, choose one that would not be offensive, thus ruining your effort to stay fresh and crisp.

Further, if you wouldn’t mind using a body spray or a Roll-on Deodorant, be sure you know its maker, and it comes with no side effect. Read labels of powder before use to confirm if there won’t be skin irritation.

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